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Multi- Certified Dog Trainer & Behavior Specialist 

Every dog is different, so their dog training experience should be created for them.

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Certified & Veterinarian-Backed

I am a multi-certified Dog Trainer. Servicing the Columbus area for 12 years professionally, 15 years all together. In 2022 my family packed up, moved to Denver Colorado. Learning a new life! I have been apart of the pet industry since before I was in high school. But now we are back in Columbus 2024. Ontop being multi-certified, I have worked for rescues, animal shelters, dog training facilities, dog boarding, grooming and dog daycare facilities. Taught classes, seminars, news and radio experience. I’ve reached the point in my career where I, myself can offer personal dog training at a higher quality and an affordable rate compared to your typical facility. I am a one women show, training your dog in a household setting instead of at a facility. I stand out from other dog trainers due to being extremely well rounded. I have experience in all sides of the industry. I specialize in therapy dogs and service dogs. As well as teaching obedience classes/seminar’s and working with dogs with separation anxiety, aggression, regression. I use my education and knowledge of up to date, scientifically proven training methods and behavior modification to train my clients. I also own a non-profit therapy dog club called “Therapy Buddies” that helps increase the pet ownership experience by serving the community. I strive to make a impact on your relationship with your dog that will last a lifetime.

What kind of trainer am I? I train every dog and family differently. I train the dog in front of me with what fits best for your lifestyle through problem solving. I do this for the love of teaching and training people with their dogs. This is more than my passion. Born For Dogs is my life

What Have I Been Up Too Recently

I Got A New Puppy! 04/2024

Welcome Munch! The fourth to the Born For Dogs Pack! He is a male Border Collie. I have been looking for the perfect BC pup for the last two years to fill the spot as we always have four dogs to prevent burnout in training. He is the perfect fit!

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I Went To The Global Pet Expo! 03/2024

I was invited to travel with KONG to Orlando Florida. I went to speak about how I use KONG with therapy dogs. I talked about how I use the KONG Classics to help decrease training drive and encourage relaxation through training in stressful and distracting scenarios. 

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Kelly has been such a great trainer for my puppy. She was able to come to my house and work on all of the specific items I needed help and within the amount of time she was there. I was so impressed! My puppy, now almost 2 years old, is a therapy dog in training. She's AKC canine good citizen certified through Kelly. I've continued to work with Kelly through the years to have a well behaved loving mini bernedoodle. I couldn't recommend her more for your dog training needs!

Laura Czuba

We started taking our dog Murphy to Kelly almost as soon as we got him! When we got him, he was about 6 months old, was scared of everything and everyone, and had no confidence. We love our little guy, but he didn’t even know the basics like “sit” or “come”, and we took him to these classes to at least get a few basics down. Murph ended up thriving in these classes! It was so rewarding to see him get excited to go to class and eagerly master new skills. Kelly was crucial to all the growth we’ve seen him undergo this year! She made class fun for us and Murphy, and she helped him build confidence. Kelly gave us so many tips and tricks and so much help. She went beyond the typical training to help us become better owners. I truly love working with her and recommend everyone I know to her! Murph recently got his therapy dog license, and we never dreamed of being able to do this with him before we met Kelly. She is simply amazing. Please train your dog with her- I know you’ll love it!
1Born For Dogs LLC

Sara Grinderly

Kelly has been awesome! She is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to assessing how to manage to all different kinds of dog’s personalities. I have three dogs, all vastly different in personality and she has done great accommodating and changing her approach to best communicate with the dog and help them understand the commands being taught. Thanks to her I have three dogs that are on their way to being obedient superstars.

Macailyn Maciel

I brought my dog in with severe anxiety and reactivity. Kelly was amazing. Worf is finally able to function in environments outside of his home. His anxiety is no longer debilitating, and it’s like he’s a whole new dog! Thank you Kelly!!!

Marjorie La Jolie

Kelly is one of the best! She’s dedicated her entire life it seems to understanding our furry friends and finding the best way to reach them. From simple obedience to advance service dog training. She’s your girl!!

Doug Perry

You may think I’m biased considering I’m Kelly’s sister but that is not the case. I sent one of my three dogs through Kelly’s training program. He did both level 1 and level 2 training classes with Kelly. During these classes we learned the necessary tools to achieve a well trained dog. From leash walking, to come when called, to commands such as sit/stay. I took this knowledge to help train my other two dogs as well. My dog who went through the classes with kelly is now on his way to be a certified service dog. I have referred Kelly to friends and clients of my own who are in need of a dog trainer.

Abby Born

Kelly has trained all 3 of my rescue dogs who vary in age, temperament, behavior, and physical issues. I have done countless sessions with Kelly over the last 3 years and l’m always wildly impressed with the progress I make after every single class with every single dog. One of my three, Tinsley, who was an insecure puppy mill momma rescue when she met Kelly, is AKC CGC certified through Kelly and on her way to be a certified therapy dog. Kelly helped Tinsley build confidence and face her fear of other dogs while also tackling obedience training. One of my others, Rohe, who is deaf, is on his way to his CGC certification as well. We love Kelly and wouldn’t recommend anyone else for dog training!

Taylor Dratwa

Kelly has worked with all four of our huskies in some capacity, all with varying in both age and temperament. We adopted one of our dogs from a terrible situation, she was injured and absolutely terrified of people. Kelly took the time to get our dog comfortable enough to accept treats from her and gain her trust before even considering working on training. She was able to get her CGC after months of patience and working on her obedience training to help build her confidence. Our youngest is a therapy dog in training, a process that Kelly encouraged when he was taking her puppy classes. One of our other dogs that Kelly has worked with, is extremely anxious, Kelly helped give tips to refocus that energy elsewhere.

Katie Klopp

My dogs have worked with Kelly for a few years now. When the first one was going through his basic obedience training, the others loved when we came home from training to work on "skills." With all of Kelly's help we were able to get our youngest dog to become a therapy dog in training. All of our dogs worked with Kelly in a class setting and she made sure to give tips and recommendations so we could practice it at home. We love getting to see our dogs succeed both in and out of class.

Nikki Franga

Kelly has been working with my puppy for several weeks now and I highly recommend her! She transformed my puppy and everything I wanted to work on was accomplished. I specifically wanted to work on friendly greetings, down, stay, waiting at the food bowl, loose leash walking, leave it, and drop it. My puppy does it all now and I am so grateful to have found Kelly. I continue to have her work with my puppy as needed and I look forward to her upcoming Monday group classes. Kelly's love for dogs and her past experiences as a trainer make her an amazing trainer for all puppies and their humans!

MaryBeth Minton

Started working with Kelly and my 2 year old catahoula and the results were almost instant. He’s a very territorial, dominant, reactive breed who came with so much anxiety when I rescued him. Have worked with Kelly for about 6 months now and we can go certain places and remain calm, cool and collected thanks to Kelly’s patience and guidance. Highly recommend

Michael Doyle

Kelly is AMAZING! The work she does with my dog is thoughtful and attentive. I am always so impressed with how she knows exactly how to correct undesirable behaviors gently and compassionately. Kelly has not only worked with our dogs but has also taught my husband and me how to appropriately maintain positive behaviors between sessions. I highly recommend Kelly to anyone who has a dog!

Bobbi Nelson

 Kelly is the absolute best! It is evident that she cares about each and every one of here clients. She takes the time to educate on what’s going on behind a behavior and why a certain approach will be helpful. She never leaves you wondering why she is telling you to do things. She helps owners feel more confident in continuing training and management on their own. If you are looking for a skilled and caring trainer, look no further than Born for Dogs.



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